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Welcome to Team Sport Shop!

With roots in a traditional sporting goods store founded in 1947, Team Sport Shop provides customized and personalized garments and uniforms as well as promotional  items for your group or team. 

We offer the following services: Engraving and Awards (link); Pad Printing (link); Screen Printed Transfers (link); Vinyl Transfers (link); Screen Printed Garments (link), Signs and Banners (link); other (link) 

Each featured product on this site is designed to show a method of customization that we can do for something you want to have printed or engraved as a fully custom project on as something else. Contact us for details (link)



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Since 1947, Team Sport Shop has served groups and teams from businesses, city leagues, schools, universities, and even pro leagues. While our name is Team Sport Shop, we also work with all kinds of organizations that are not sports-related.

We value sportsmanship, teamwork, competition and lifelong participation in sports and group events. Because these values focus on health and working with others, we therefore believe they result in achieving success on and off the field.

Our graphic and design service can benefit your group. Rather than choosing different vendors to design your graphics several times for each kind of project, save time by working with one shop for it all. In addition to saving time, save money working with us because we are able to organize your graphics to be used for different printing processes. Another benefit of working with us is our experience working with many kinds of materials and methods of  printing them.

Team Sport Shop offers the following:
Awards and EngravingPlaques, Trophies, Medals, Ribbons, Pins, Gavels, Glass Awards, and Cast Bronze Memorial Plaques.
Banners & SignsBanners, Signs, and Custom Vinyl Graphics. Bring in your art, choose from stock templates, or have us make a custom design for you. We make banners, signs, letter vehicles, store windows, car window stickers, and magnets to promote your cause.
Sporting GoodsWe handle specialty items not commonly found at retail stores, gear intended for institutional athletic programs-from PE programs to  professional athletes.
Team Uniforms & Apparel — We print t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, bags, athletic uniforms, and more. Bring your design or let Team Sport Shop make one for you! Add player names, numbers, and other identification to make each team member stand out.

We are committed to doing business in an environmentally-friendly and economically responsible manner.  Americans import too many garments from nations that are openly hostile to our country.  We work hard to avoid using garments made in unfriendly places. We can source USA union-made caps and garments and clothing made from organic and other environmentally-friendly methods of production.  Make your order part of the solution!

Try Team Sport Shop for your team, school and/or organization’s promotional needs. Thank you!